Frequently Asked Questions

An arborist is trained in the science and art of caring for and maintaining plants and trees. Certification involves an official assessment of an arborist's knowledge and competence to provide proper tree care. The certified arborists at Gilbert's Tree & Landscape are also required to maintain certification by remaining up to date on the latest techniques in arboriculture.
In order to properly fulfill the requirements of all our clients in Colorado Springs, our crews are trained and experience in all the tools and equipment necessary for tree care and landscaping. Gilbert's Tree & Landscape Tree Service and Landscaping, Inc. has a dedicated and well trained staff devoted to making personalized customer service our top priority.
Operating as a close-knit team of tree care professionals, the foundation of our success is based on our use of the most modern equipment including a grapple truck and cranes that can cut tall trees that have a large diameter. Gilbert's Tree & Landscape Tree and Landscaping Service has the tools and equipment necessary for tree care to handle any and all tree cutting jobs in a timely and professional manner.
Gilbert's Tree & Landscape Tree Service and Landscaping offers financing and special payment plans for seniors. Talk to your representative about our 50/50% financing.
Oak, elm and most deciduous hardwood trees require annual fertilization. Depending on age and condition, different species have different needs. A thick ground cover of fallen leaves provides a good supply of nutrients to a tree for several months. Trees in urban areas can derive nutrition from planted shrubs or grass. Consult Gilbert's Tree & Landscape Tree & Landscape staff for more details.

Tar spot is a common cosmetic condition that is unsightly, but does not harm a tree and is usually cyclical. For a professional opinion regarding the health of your trees in Colorado Springs contact us at (719) 683-3437.

Most trees can be pruned year round in accordance with flowering and fruit production cycles. Certain trees require canopy reduction following a flowering period and not before.
Gilbert's Tree & Landscape can cut your tree into firewood or remove it from your property as desired.

There are considerations to take in mind when assesing tree trimming/pruning costs. Vairables to take into consideration include:

  • The tree's height and radious
  • The number of branches that need to be removed
  • The location of the tree on the property
  • The equipment needed to trim or remove the tree

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Yes, we provide the Colorado Springs area and surrounding regions with seasonal tree care packages that include a complete line of tree care services. If your question wasn't answered here call the tree experts in Colorado Springs at (719) 683-3437.


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