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Gilbert’s Tree & Landscape has proudly been serving Colorado Springs, Fountain, Pueblo and surrounding areas for over 28 years. We have extensive tree care knowledge and experience in tree trimming/pruning, tree cutting, tree removal, stump removal, tree care and health maintenance, emergency tree services, fire mitigation, and forest fire mitigation. Licensed and insured, we are a team of certified arborist that possess the experience and all of the necessary equipment to safely and efficiently remove large hazard trees.

Licensed and insured, Gilbert’s Tree & Landscape abides by all TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association), ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) and ANSI Z133 STANDARDS.

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Recognized as a trusted team of tree care specialists, Gilbert’s Tree & Landscape is staffed by certified arborists who provide top quality maintenance for a variety of commercial and residential landscapes in Colorado Springs, Fountain, Pueblo, and surrounding regions.


Trimming & Pruning
Tree trimming or pruning enhances the beauty of your trees and is a necessary component of proper landscape maintenance. Overgrown trees will only continue to grow larger until they can no longer support themselves. Regular pruning increases the strength of the tree against storm damage. Unprofessional pruning can exasperate problems and lead to poor structure, damage, disease, and decay
The certified arborists at Gilbert's Tree & Landscape are equipped with the proper gear, knowledge, and experience to ensure safe, complete, and effective tree removal. If someone left a stump or root on your property, don't hesitate to give us a call!
Creating a defensible space around your home is one of the most important and effective steps you can take to protect your family and home. We can create an area between a structure and unmanaged forest by modifying nearby vegetation to reduce the effects of a wildfire. Fire department stipends are available for select areas.
Do you require a professional health evaluation for the trees on your commercial or residential property in the Colorado Springs area? Our certified arborists have extensive tree care knowledge and experience diagnosing tree diseases and infections. We can diagnose and treat any tree care problem before they cause further damage to your landscape. Contact us if your trees appear unhealthy or you would like us to investigate potential threats to the health of your trees.
Firewood & Mulch
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