Gilbert’s Tree & Landscape Tree & Landscape techniques in designing defensible space to protect your home and family from wild fires.

Why replace with incorporate fire wise landscaping

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Creating a defensible space around your home is one of the most important and effective steps you can take to protect you, your family and your home from catastrophic wildfire. Defensible space is the area between a structure and an oncoming wildfire where nearby vegetation has been modified to reduce a wildfire’s intensity. Many people resist creating a defensible space around their homes because they believe these areas will be unattractive and unnatural. This is far from true. With careful planning, fire wise landscaping can be aesthetically pleasing while reducing potential wildfire fuel. It can enhance beauty and property values as well as personal safety. Gilbert’s Tree & Landscape Tree & Landscape is fully trained and has many years of experience in the proper landscaping of defensible space.

Many plants are highly flammable during different seasons of the year. When they are left unmanaged they can accelerate the spread of wildfire through your neighborhood, threatening homes, property and lives.

All vegetation that is naturally occurring is potential fuel for fire. The type, amount and arrangement have a direct effect on fire behavior. There are no true fireproof plant species, so spacing and maintenance are critical to defensible space landscaping. Where and how you plant is more critical than what you plant.

Gilbert’s Tree & Landscape Tree & Landscape specializes in thinning of trees and vegetation, reducing the potential fuels for fires, removing hazardous trees, recommending where and how to plant what vegetation.

General Concepts to keep in mind

A plants moisture content is the most important factor in determining its dryness. Conifers tend to be flammable due to their oil and pitch content, even though they have high water content. Deciduous plants tend to be more fire resistant because their leaves have higher moisture content, and their basic make of materials tend to be less flammable. Also when deciduous trees are dormant, there is less fuel to carry fire through their canopies.


Forest restoration is the key to a healthier planet. This means restoring degraded trees to help build an up a strong healthy ecosystem. You don’t always have to remove or replant damaged trees, they can sometimes be revived. There are also many types of trees that can regenerate naturally.

Evaluation of fire damaged trees and vegetation is essential

Restoration is the process of assisting the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged, or destroyed. Ecological restoration focuses on re-establishing the composition, structure, pattern, and ecological processes necessary to facilitate ecosystem sustainability, resilience, and health under current and future conditions. Forest fire restoration includes more than just removing burnt trees. It involves evaluating individual trees and vegetation to ensure the restoration of the natural ecosystem. Restoring, enhancing, and maintaining the health of forests benefits the environment. That’s where Gilbert’s Tree & Landscape Tree & Landscape comes in.

Is tree planting essential to restore forest fire restoration ecosystems?

Newly planted trees need care because their root systems are not fully developed yet. The most important thing is to keep the area around the root ball moist, and you can do this by keeping the tree watered and using deep root watering techniques. Applying mulch will help prevent evaporation, moderate the soil temperature, and prevent damage to the roots. If the soil is poor, some light fertilization may be beneficial, but as long as you are keeping the soil around your tree’s roots moist, it should be able to grow well enough to be self-sufficient within two to three years.

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